I am delighted you have expressed an interest in the post of Membership Engagement Manager at the Association of Anaesthetists and hope the following gives you a little more insight into the post, the Association and our thinking about the role. 

This role is integral to our ambitions to grow and develop the organisation so as to deliver the Association’s Long Term Strategy.  I would encourage you to read the strategy as the context for the role and how you might make your contribution to achieving our strategic goals.  You would be joining a dynamic organisation with a very important healthcare mission to advance safer anaesthesia. 

The Association represents the life-changing profession of anaesthesia, the largest medical specialty in the NHS. We are  a member-led organisation, working in the UK, Ireland and around the world. For over 85 years, the Association has set standards and shared knowledge with the goal of improving patient safety.  We publish a world class scientific journal, fund research and provide lifelong learning and education for clinicians.  

We have just over 10,000 members and strive to be the membership organisation of choice for all anaesthetists.  As a membership organisation, we offer a lifetime of support, and are recognised for the focus we give to doctors’ well-being.  The role of Membership Engagement Manager is therefore at the heart of our vision to recruit and retain members and develop our services to provide even greater member value.

Ours is an independent organisation, able to speak up and speak out as the voice of anaesthetists.  Our advocacy and campaigns work is making an impact in influencing health policy and raising the profile of anaesthesia.

Since I joined the Association in 2011, we have engaged in a continuous process of change and modernisation. This change continues: we have recently re-branded and launched our new website and CRM with a view to going digital by 2020.  There is more to do to modernise our business systems and processes, so that we can best meet the needs and expectations of our members.

Our new Membership Engagement Manager will be someone who is a strategic and creative thinker, able to make full use of digital technology, ambitious to develop services for members; an individual whose values match those of the Association and is committed to helping us achieve our vision. 

We are happy to discuss any aspect of the post or the organisation with you so that we achieve a good fit, both for the organisation and for the individual. Ours is an ambitious organisation, and this is an exciting new role, with significant opportunities for influencing and leading strategic change. 

Karin Pappenheim
Chief Executive Officer